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My name is Anthony Zachariah, and I'm a Photographer & Videographer located in Ottawa, ON. I specialize with Portraits & Promotional Branding, through a vivid and vibrant approach.


Most of what I do surrounds Urbanism - the city and people within it drive the type of content I focus on. 


Nighttime is a unique experience when it comes to portraits; the lights, buildings, streets, and the like showcase a different feeling you cannot get during the day.


My mission is to provide an experience that is designated around capturing each moment, while my vision is to ensure your professional and personal branding exclaims premium!

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Photos capture a different story. It's all about going above and beyond to bring something to life. With portraits, it's all about who I'm with to bring out that best moment right in the frame.

 Promotional Shoots 

My goal is to provide content that holds value. A person's brand represents not only who they are, but what they've worked for. In the end, I'm here to elevate that brand as I promote business.